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Multipurpose Wireless Handheld UV Vacuum Mattress Cleaner

Multipurpose Wireless Handheld UV Vacuum Mattress Cleaner

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Suction power: ≧12kPa
Capacity: 0.4L
Size: 13.2*8.9*6.7in (335*225*170mm)
Material: ABS+PC+PA+30%GF

A person sheds 1-1.5g of dandruff per day, enough to feed plenty of dust mites. However, ordinary mite removers can only clean the dirt on the surface, but they are helpless against the fine dust and dust mites in the deep layers, crevices and corners, which can easily induce allergies, acne, asthma, etc.

Circumferential Light Shock Mites Remover

3-fold combination, deep removal of mites and bacteria
Equipped with a circular mite removal chassis, it uses the circle as the track to remove mites and covers a large area. it comes with
Equipped with a patented flapping device, ultraviolet light to remove mites, 12kPa high suction, suitable for bed, mattresses, sofas, etc.

Compatible Combination With Dual-purpose Flat Suction

Put on the 2-in-1 flat suction, turn it into a handheld vacuum cleaner, 12kPa high suction power, can suck deeply in the gaps and corners of the sofa, etc.
You can also switch the brush mode to clean the fabric and furniture.

The Little Magic Of Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle

Desks/bookcases are clean and dust-free
Put on the suction nozzle and turn it into a lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner, which can easily clean up overturned snacks, melon seed shells, debris, etc.

Wide-area Ultraviolet Light Deeply Kills Mites

The mites remover has a built-in UV lamp tube, which releases 253.7nm ultraviolet rays that are easily absorbed by mites.
It penetrates through layers of fabric and directly hits the location of the mites, instantly killing the mites.

Use the large suction of 12kPa of the mite remover to penetrate deep into each fiber and remove the fleeing mites.
Insects, excrement, dust, etc. are sucked away one by one, and the food source of mites is also sucked away.

The Main Unit Is As Light As 1 Kg

Using a new type of detachable and reconfigurable structure, the main unit has been simplified in size and reduced excess weight, weighing only 1kg. It can be used with a suction nozzle/two-in-one flat suction, and its weight is less than 1.1kg. It is easy to push and lift.

After the garbage dust enters the dust cup from the chassis, it rotates along the inner wall in the dust cup, and the cyclone
Sedimentation of large particles of garbage, small particles through stainless steel filter, HEPA, motor filter
Filter systems such as filter cotton and air outlet cotton release clean gas into the atmosphere.


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