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Portable Refrigerator Deodorizer Ozone Air Purifier

Portable Refrigerator Deodorizer Ozone Air Purifier

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Power supply: battery, USB charging
Ozone concentration ≧20mg/h
Input: 5V/1A
Battery capacity: 800mAh
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Battery life: 40 hours
Machine weight: 113g

Product Features

(1) Efficiency. Ozone disinfection and sterilization uses air as the medium and do not require any other auxiliary materials and additives. It has good body tolerance, good diffusivity, thorough sterilization, and also has a strong function of removing mildew, fishy, ​​odor and other odors.

(2) High cleanliness. The rapid decomposition of ozone into oxygen is the unique advantage of ozone as disinfection and sterilization. Ozone is produced by using oxygen in the air. During the disinfection process, the excess oxygen is combined into oxygen molecules after 30 minutes, and there is no residue, which solves the problem of secondary pollution caused by the disinfection method of disinfectants, and eliminates the need for Clean again after disinfection.


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